Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time and Space

Time and Space

Tammy Kelton

This project has so many possibilities, that it was hard to decide where to start.

When I think of time and space I think of freezing a segment of time, be it a second, minute, hour, or longer.  I relate it to time machine where you can go back to any given time you want.  A chance to relive a moment, even if it is only in a memory.  Any photo can do that, but what if you took several   photos of a given event and arrange it in a way that you can relate to it as if it were happening now.

I chose to do this with my project.

I have done three photo montages to give you an idea of my theory.  The first was of an eagle I saw taking a fish out of the river, the second of a lion yawning, and a sequence of a full lunar eclipse.

The task of choosing the images was not easy as I had so many to choose from.  After selecting the images came the process of how I wanted to display them.  For the eagle and lion, I elected to place them in a film strip.  Aligning the photos was a challenge, but the outcome was exactly as I imagined it to be.    


The eclipse was more difficult and took the longest to do.  I had to take each photo and size them, each one came with their own challenges.  The shadow cast upon the moon made it difficult to place and size, without distorting the image.  After many attempts I feel I got it right.

I really enjoy this type of work and plan to expand upon it in the future.  I have many ideas already and will start to work on them this summer.

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