Friday, January 31, 2014

Fascinating and Strong Composition by John Anthony Muth

This iconic baseball photograph by Charles M Conlon in 1910 represents to me some of the very best in artistic photography,  Although this photo was never intended to be artistic in nature the dynamics of the composition are undeniable.  The implied lines of the umpire, Jimmy Austin the third baseman and Ty Cobb the base rummer keep the viewers eyes constantly moving throughout the photo.  Combine the eye movement with the stop motion (with a slight blur) of the dirt flying up off the ground, captures the "action" in a way which few other photos can.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fascinating and Strong Composition - Darcie Naylor

This, to me, is a perfect example of strong and fascinating composition. The entire story of this man’s life is told in his feet and ankles. We learn that he probably does not own a pair of shoes, that this clothing allowance is meager and that he walks everywhere. Even though we cannot tell his age from this photograph, chances are good that through the flatness of his feet, he has been walking for many, many years. His life has been hard to say the least. We don’t need the man’s entire body to tell us the story of his life. We don’t need to see his surroundings to know how hard his existence is. We can see from the composition of this photograph, everything we need to know.
Challenging the idea of truth and photography - Darcie Naylor

Obviously,  the man/tree root is the element of this photograph that coincides with the theme of challenging the idea of truth and photography. Unless he is a Greek God that we have never heard of, men are not half human, half tree roots or branches. His head, hair and upper torso look alive and well, but from his waist down - and his left arm - he is no longer human looking. How can this be? There are several elements that caught my eye in this particular photograph. First of all the dark, menacing clouds and the way that they give the feeling of swirling in the sky. They almost look like dirty snow in the top right corner. Then the shadow of the walking stick in the man's right hand looks like a scythe. I also love the texture of the earth - it goes along with the dark theme of this photograph by being rutty, and brown, and barren.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The composition of this photograph is amazing. There so many element that fits the idea of a great composed photograph. In one photograph, one can identify at least three recommended composition tips. The rule of thirds, symmetry and framing are all present. The lady appears at the third left side of the photograph and even though she might be the main subject, the composition offers the audience an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy what else is in the photograph. The stone walls on both sides of the photograph creates a symmetry which helps to focus on the main subject of the photograph. The door forms a frame around the lady to emphasize her presence. The broken glass in the door is also noticeable because it is almost at the third right of the photograph.  

The composition of the picture be it intentional or not, challenges the idea of truth and photography. At a quick glance, it depicts the loving relationship between the two dogs. Even though we all know its not a natural behavior of dogs, it portrays a sense of love and peace. From a pure photographic stand point, a slightly different angle could have presented a totally different image. Beautiful picture .. love it. 

What you see and what your camera sees

When I saw this photo I thought " this is photo shopped" but upon closer examination you can see that the natural positioning just happened to work perfectly to cause the illusion of the baby's man face that grabbed my attention. I think this picture  is a perfect example of the part of our class reading that said " the camera does not record what your brain records"(What is a Good Photograph pg211)
This picture meets challenges the idea of photography because of the way it is constructed. The angle the picture was taken creates an illusion of the true image. The photographer wanted to create the impression of a very large space. The light are not that tall in real life but that is the representation the photographer wanted to bring to his audiences. The people in the picture are not that small either but again that is the image presented. This is a true act of photography and how an image is presented. Another picture of that same place would look completely different taken from a different angle. Is is one of two places or two images of one place?   

Challenging the Idea of Truth and Photography - Justin P.

"The truth claim of photography is the term used by Tom Gunning to describe the prevalent belief that traditional photographs accurately depict reality" 

To challenge the idea of truth, there are many tricks a photographer can use. For example, multiple exposures, the magically program known as photoshop, getting close to a subject to make it appear larger, etc. My favorite is the recently popular levitation which is either done by the use of photoshop and multiple images or freezing action using flash or a fast shutter speed. I chose this image because it is done by my favorite photographer, Tyler Shields. It appears as if the man if flying over to the telephone booth and the woman is flying out of it. We all know that is not possible and that is why this photograph challenges the truth because it does not depict reality accurately.

Truth and Photography

I really enjoy some of the comedy that comes from timing or composing a picture just right. The ability of a photograph to appear to be something that it is not, through stop action or composition, often tickles my funny bone. Image search "just the right moment" if you ever want a laugh or two. Here is a good example of what I mean.

Challenging the idea of truth and photography... Time lapse photography and photo-stitching interests me very much.

Challenging the idea of truth and photography... Time lapse photography and photo-stitching interests me very much.  

This is the illusion of time meets the desired memory of anticipation. A seamless moment to express in one symbolic gesture, the imagination of anticipation.  This one day where all planning meets reality, where actions become memory and where time is frozen in a symbolic moment of what was and what could have been.

John Anthony Muth

Challenges the Idea of Truth and Photography
Photo by Erik Johansson

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Challenge to the idea of "truth in photography"

 levitating tree street art illusion by daniel siering and mario shu (4)

This photo, although it shows "the truth" - in that it is a photo of what is actually there (a tree with painted foil) is to me a great representation of challenging the idea of "truth in photography". The tree appears to be missing a chunk in the middle, because of how the tree itself was manipulated. So is the photo then showing the truth? Is it showing the illusion which the artists created?

Originally I was going to use a picture I had come across before the semester began. But as I was looking for it again I decided to do more research. I like the way people used to challenge the idea of truth in photography - before digital photography made it relatively easy. The way the environment or the way the photo was taken had to be altered. Or the development process had to be manipulated to create illusions or lies. I also love to manipulate photos on the computer.

Photo that challenges the truth - R.Fernandez

Relative to finding a picture that questions the truth; I wonder how how hard it would be to hold yourself with one arm on someones shoulders. Here Martin Waldbauer adds another shadow that doesn't seem worthy of the rest of the photo.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I feel this photo is a perfect example of a "Photo that challenges the Truth".  It clearly depicts a young man standing on top of a sign, that in reality would be impossible to do. Why is it impossible.  One you would never get permission to preform such a dangerous stunt, two how did he get up there.  No doubt it was manipulated.
I like this photo. It gives me the feeling of someone over coming fears, or maybe to give someone the feeling of being on top of the world.  It invokes numerous ideas and feelings.  It is a very clever and well done photo.