Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photography Book - Darcie Naylor

Bored Couples - Martin Parr

Bored Couples, 1993

Richard Avedon: Evidence 1944-1994

Front Cover

This assignment had me a little perplexed. I have yet to figure out how to actually Google a particular photography book and have images of the book show up. The only thing I get are links to where I can purchase the book. I realize I could head to the library and look at photography books, but my week has not allowed such an indulgence. So with this in mind, I am posting two books that I would love to look through.

The first is a book entitled "Bored Couples" by Martin Parr. This book intrigues me because face it, we've all seen what we assumed were bored couples at a restaurant, in the mall, almost everywhere we go. The fact is, these couples may or may not be bored, but through the photograph, we make an assumption. I feel like we go through our lives making assumptions - sometimes good assumptions, sometimes not so good assumptions. You can catch a few glimpses of some of the "bored couples" in Parr's book by going to the website I provided and to me, most of them are funny. A couple of the images gave me the giggles. I think I would enjoy owning this book, it would be quite the conversation piece on my living room table.

The second is a compilation of work by Richard Avedon. Avedon's work intrigues me. We watched a short film last semester that highlighted some of his work and ever since then I want to know more about him. Even though most of what I read about him indicates that he was a fashion and portrait photographer, and neither of those genre's interest me too much, there is still something about his work and the man himself that intrigues me. Even the title of this book is interesting to me. Evidence 1944 - 1994. Evidence that he worked. Evidence that he was talented. Evidence that he lived.

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