Monday, April 14, 2014

Photography Book
The Art of Portrait Photography

focuses on the dynamic relationship between the photographer, the subject, and the audience and how that relationship has evolved over time. ” -PBS Arts

I like how this book is all about telling stories through the portraits of people through their expressions and what they wear. I think it is essential to know how to capture someones personality, and not make the person look fake or uncomfortable. In my career that I am working towards, every time an actor auditions we have to hand over a headshot and that  picture is supposed to represent that actor's personality and what type of part we fit more towards. So I think it is extremely important to capture the personality of the that person. Even for events and wedding photography you want to look perfect and happy and if you have a good photographer who understands this concept, than you will be happy with the outcome. 

This video on the book is very interesting on the photographers view on the person and how the person can react to photographers. It also tells why portraits are so important to our society.

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