Monday, April 28, 2014

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Time and Space
John Anthony Muth

I love history, all kinds of history, so the Klett and Wolfe project was very inspirational for me.  I wanted to find old photos of Arizona specifically around the Phoenix metro area and show how the city has developed over time and that it was close and easy to find, hopefully.  First I searched for Arizona historical photos on Google and found the ASU library but costs were involved and they had copyright watermarks everywhere.  So I turned to the Library of Congress who had plenty of photographs with a variety of downloading options.  I thought this assignment might be fairly simple but as I discovered finding the exact spot where the previous photographer was not so simple and I don't know what type of camera or lens was used.   I plunged into it anyway and tried to find similar perspectives and brought printed copies of the photos as well.  Needless to say that I don't have the same lens so I took panoramic images of each site and hoped for the best.  I will digitally transform them to fit as best I can but I'm not sure how to present the changes in scenery at this time…  
As it turned out I changed almost every photograph into a different type of layout.  Some photos were close to spot on but others were the wrong angle of perspective so no matter what I did some images were not going to fit.  First thing I did was to create panoramic of each scene in the “File > Automate > Photomerge” menu option in Photoshop.  Once an automated panoramic came out then I placed my photo and took either a part of the image like a mountain or maybe a corner of a building and then reduced opacity to about half to see how everything lines up.  I did have to change the panoramic of a couple of photos because they were just not fitting.  I usually had to resize and manipulate one or both images to make them closely fit (except one photo which was totally off). Once I had a fit I tried to show both images either by reducing the opacity and/or masking certain areas to show changes in the landscape or cityscape.  I am relatively happy with the results but have a much better idea of how to tackle problems of originally shooting the correct angles and giving myself more time into merging the two images seamlessly.

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