Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Virtual Vistas

My idea of a photo shoot incorporating time and space comes from a combination my love of video games and landscapes and the work of artists Robbie Cooper and Rembrant Quiballo (we learned about him in the notes on the Time & Space project - Movie pans turned into interesting panorama photos). Cooper did a series on gamers and their virtual representations of themselves (Alter Egos) then he turned the camera on kids playing video games (most of which were rated "M" which is
 basically the same as an "R" rating for a movie). Gamers share virtual spaces when playing multiplayer games whether cooperatively or competitively at the same time. We also share the experience of having been in the same virtual spaces at different times when we play single player games. We can talk about the first time we exited the escape tunnel in the game Oblivion and looked back at the castle in the distance behind us (just FYI I got goosebumps and choked up). The idea I am trying to express is that to a gamer these virtual spaces become real as shared experiences. As real as the first time a person visits the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower. Also, the project brings up questions. Are gamers in different parts of the world actually experiencing the same space at the same time when playing a multiplayer game? Even if we are separated by "time" in a game (I have nearly finished the main story, but my friend online is in an earlier part of the story) do we share the same time if we are in the same point on the "map" of the virtual world at the same time in the real world? The idea is Confusing to wrap ones mind around. I do not hope to actually answer the questions just get the viewer thinking.

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