Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My final project was inspired by KLETT & WOLFE but also by my love of history.   First I searched for Arizona historical photos on Google and found the ASU library but costs were involved and they had copyright watermarks everywhere.  So I turned to the Library of Congress which had enough photos after searching for a couple of days and they were free with a variety of downloading options.  I thought this assignment might be fairly simple but as I found out finding the exact spot where the previous photographer was was not so simple.  Plus the fact I don't know what type of camera or lens was being used.  Many time there was no information of the photographer as well.  I plunged into it anyway and tried to find similar perspectives and brought printed paper copies of the photos as well (to find the spot).  Needless to say that I don't have the right lens or the right camera so I took panoramic pics of each site and hoped for the best.  I will digitally transform them to fit as best I can but I'm not sure how to present the changes in scenery at this time.  One option is to keep the old photo as is but I am inclined to fade the opacity on parts of the photo and I have a few other ideas as well.




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