Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Strong and Fascinating Composition

I first saw this picture a couple of years ago while looking for photography contests. This was the winner for the December 2009 monthly contest. I couldn't find it on the website again, but I did locate it on Model Mayhem with a Google image search. Although it is slightly different on Model Mayhem than the original I downloaded from I also found others in the series on Model Mayhem.

Too me, this photo defies gravity. This illusion comes from the strength of the model and photo. Even though I don't believe there was any "manipulation" to the photo, it seems almost impossible. Like she is being pulled or drawn someplace to the right. I see a lot of strength in the leap. Her toes and feet still look tense from the launch, but her hands and torso look relaxed as though she is being lifted unconsciously and gravity is going sideways. Her hair and the circle of talcum powder, show me the line in which she used to throw her head, but the hair itself seems to almost fall in with gravity going sideways. I like the curves and lines to the photo. Her presence and strength is magnified by the extension of line in the powder. I find strength and masculinity in the "C" shape of her body, but at the same time see a more soft and feminine "S" shape created with the extension of highlights in the the powder and her back. Similar to Tammy's smoke photos, lighting up the powder makes something big out of many small things. I think of this photo often when I think of photos I'd like to reproduce once I have some good strobes.

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