Monday, February 24, 2014

Can't pick just one.

This is the Kandell collection. It is full of portraits, landscapes and still life photos of daily life in Sikkim as well as special events. I had trouble picking just one photo from this collection to share. I think this one labeled : [Prince Palden (second from left) making silly faces with friends, Sikkim] is one of my top favorites. It shows a royal acting like a regular kid (although I can't say more about the monachy of Sikkim to be sure of how strict the royal family would be about pomp and circumstance at his age in the photo). This fun portrait shows the friendship between the boys by their proximity. Also, they all seem to share a sense of humor. It shows the universality of "making silly faces". The boys are arranged in a tight triangle. The Prince isn't dressed as colorfully as his friend or even taking the position in the triangle one would expect a prince would. 
Another photo is this one of a woman churning yak butter tea :
I love that she seems to enjoy it. The motion blur is just enough to show the activity, while keeping the rest of the photo in good focus. 

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