Monday, February 24, 2014

Library of Congress- Daguerreotypes 
Hayley Vrana

This daguerreotype is of the Editorial staff of the New York Tribune. Daguerreotypes were mostly portraits because of the slow shutter speed, but this collection also has some outdoor views. I chose this type of picture  from this section because last semester I took a History of Photography class and we went into great detail over these types of photos. This picture really amazes me because there are seven guys in it. You usually see one or two people in a daguerreotype because of how slow the shutter speed was, but to have seven guys keeping perfectly still is very neat. I also just like seeing old photos and how different the times were when photography was first coming around.

In Daguerreotypes it's funny to look  at all the different expressions on each of the guys faces. All of the guys have completely different looks from bored to staring off in space looks.

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