Monday, February 10, 2014

Line, Shape, and Form

I found this website in my internet research on line, shape, and form.

Unfortunately, I missed class on Monday, but the class probably discussed many of these methods for photographing lines, shapes, and forms. I like the suggestions she makes to help bring out a shape you're trying to capture in a photo.  Such as back lighting to bring out the shape in a silhouette or her suggestion to shoot upwards and use the sky to outline a subject.  She also discusses texture and pattern in this article and leaves out form.  It made me think about them each in more detail and compare what they each are.  Some of the sketches and drawings I also saw during my research made me think of line, shape, and form as adding a dimension with each.  A line being only 1D, shape... 2D, and form having 3D.

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