Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Music has always been an essential part of human life, from singing to playing all kinds of musical instruments. This photograph is very striking and there is a level of humanity attached to it and it looks like an image from the 50s or 60s. The man is either sitting out on the porch of his run down house or he is working on the house. Either way, he finds time to play his guitar to feed his soul after a hard days work. I find this image to be an uplifting image because it points to the fact that regardless of what’s going on around “one” there is a always hope. The photograph has beautiful lights and shadows. The shadow on the door emphasizes the “darkness” in the house. The steps are falling apart, the man’s shoes look warn and the bucket or basin all together describes a lifestyle.  The rule of thirds is evident in the composition of the photograph. The man sit at the left third and also the bottom third of the photograph.

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  1. I love this photograph, Kwesi. I enjoy looking at images from the past, reliving a little bit of Americana and what it was like in the "old days". I really like that this photograph is in black and white. It enables the viewer to focus on the important parts of the photo, like the man sitting on the porch, his run down house, the broken steps and the darkness of the door. I feel like if this was in color there would be far too much going on. I love what you said about the man finding "time to play his guitar to feed his soul". I think that's part of our human existence, to find what it is that feeds our soul and then participate in the activity on a regular (hopefully daily) basis. Great choice and great description.