Monday, February 24, 2014

Library of Congress: World War I War Poster, 1917.

by John Anthony Muth

This poster shows a marine in uniform marching along a dock with ship, fort and city skyline in the back ground.   I really love old graphic art because it usually is woven with color and design qualities that are not as preferred in today's modern advertising campaigns. The bright warm yellow is the first thing that captures the viewers eye which is in sharp contrast to the dark and light blue uniform of the marine's uniform.  The dominating primary colors grab the viewer and the simple use of overlapping draws the viewer in.  Combine that with the direction of the smoke and the marines march which leads the viewer directly into the slogan "SEVICE ON LAND AND SEA."  I believe this is an excellent example of a advertising poster that typifies the future of war posters in World War II, with emphasis on design and color to capture the viewers eye and create an emotional response.

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