Monday, March 24, 2014

Unit Project #2 Vision and Reality
Hayley Vrana

For my Vision and Reality project I want to explore the world in reflections. I want to try and find reflections in things that you wouldn't think to look at and objects you look at everyday in life. I haven't decided if I just want to do reflections in water or just any object yet, but I know I want to show many different subjects in the reflections. I even found a cool website that helps with how to take reflections in water. I might try to recreate one of the pictures up above in different ways if possible. For example I have taken pictures of little water drops, but I never thought to see if there was a reflection in it. I wanted to know how some reflections are caught since lots of reflections are just caught by mistake, without even thinking about it. "Tips: Remember your choices: the subject and its reflection; just the reflection; still water; and blurred water. Direct light on water creates glare – you want the direct light to fall on your subject which is then reflected in water which is in the shade. If there is glare, you can use a polarizing filter to reduce or even remove it.Try using a graduated neutral density filter. Usually the reflection is a couple of stops darker than the main subject so you can use a graduated neutral density filter to even things out. If you don't have one, you can always try the digital equivalent in Lightroom or Photoshop. But remember the reflection part of the image should still be slightly darker. If you make it as bright as the main subject the image will not look right."

 I found these tips to be very helpful when trying to take water reflections.

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