Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ICP Past Exhibitions - Justin P.

For this week's research I chose the 'Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now' exhibition. Fashion photography is one of my favorite, so I was instantly drawn to this by the title. From the description it seemed like a magnificent show! Not only did they have the original prints of the photographs, but they had hundreds of tear sheets and magazine covers featuring the photographs. I feel like all the big designers would be there and everybody would be wearing some crazy high fashion outfit (like from Zoolander or something), which would be awesome. Once I took a look at the photographs I knew instantly that this is the one that I'd want to go to. Now if only we could create a time machine so I could go back to January 2009...

Photographs like this remind me of an Annie Leibovitz of the fashion world. They are almost 'caught in the moment' like it could definitely be Marc Jacobs just goofing around or it could be planned out and posed, you just don't know. His expression makes me feel like it was posed because it's so stern, if he was goofing you'd think he'd have a smile (and his drink would be everywhere). However, the body position makes me feel like it was caught in the moment. Who knows, and does it really matter? It's a great photograph.

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