Sunday, March 2, 2014


by John Anthony Muth

I choose two photos for this assignment from two different exhibitions but that overlap in meaning.
The first photo is from;

Other Weapons: Photography and Print Culture During the Spanish Civil War.  This is a propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).  It addresses the plight of the spanish people against their dictator Franco, but it also shows Nazi involvement in this struggle.  Publicly Franco borrowed Germany's air force to subdue the revolution in Spain.  In reality, Hitler used his Luftwaffe, with German pilots, to bomb the Spanish rebels as practice for the world conflict to come.  
The poster uses vibrant warm colors of red and yellow mixed with purple combined with organic lines to express fire and strife of being bombed and oppressed by the Franco regime and the Nazis as communicated by the Swastika over the words "Cultura Facista." To me this poster demonstrates the idea that the culture of Fascism is destroying the people and it's artistic culture as represented by the woman, child and statue.  

The second photo is from;  
We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933–1956 by Chim.  This is a photograph of Pablo Picasso in front of his painting "Guernica".   I also chose this photo because "Guernica" was painted because the it represents a similar idea as the poster above, but it is more specific. The painting "Guernica" symbolizes the destruction of the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. I would love to attend both of these exhibits because of my fascination with history.

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