Monday, March 31, 2014

Blended Images
Darcie Naylor


After searching the internet for quite a long time for examples of blended photography, this photo is the only one I found that closely depicts what I have in mind for my project. I am using an old window pane that I found at Habitat for Humanity instead of a mirror, but the idea is the same. I am going to try and depict photographs in the window that do not relate to the surrounding area outside of the window pane. My challenge has been finding images and scenery to shoot that do not relate but still will be interesting to the viewer. Since I am going to LA for a couple of days this week, of course I plan to bring my camera and take advantage of the different environment. :-)

While doing my research, I came across this article (link below) that was really eye opening to me. I hadn't really thought that I was so naive about photographs that I see in magazines or online, but I guess I was. In the article, "Getting the Image You See in Your Head" by Rick Berk, the photograph of the rock arch and beautiful sky are stunning. The colors of the surrounding landscape and the exposure are perfect. After reading about his process of achieving this perfection, I was enlightened. He blended photographs to achieve this photographic perfection. I've read National Geographic and Phoenix Home and Garden magazine, and I've seen many similarly beautiful photographs. I am always amazed at the skill that it must take to shoot such gorgeous pictures. Now I know that it's not always just skill with the camera, but also skill with Photoshop.

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