Sunday, March 2, 2014

ICP Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best

Hayley Vrana

I really liked this picture but it wouldn't blowup, but I put it up any way, because I really like how the fog is covering the New York skyscape and the woman in the foreground is crisp and clear.

This Exhibition was to showcase Elliot Erwitt's photos. He was known for documentary and commercial photography. He has photographed many well known people from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Kennedy.

I chose this collection because I looked through all the pictures and it definitely represented the past's history. He had a picture of Jackie Kennedy at the funeral  for her husband, he had a picture of the white and colored drinking fountains. I didn't really choose a picture that showed the history, but I just really liked this one. The way the man and woman are kissing in the mirror with the ocean in the background is just really pretty. I like how the ocean is blurred and the car and people clear. This picture just reminds me of the old Elvis Presley movies, with him romancing the girl.

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