Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The composition of this photograph is amazing. There so many element that fits the idea of a great composed photograph. In one photograph, one can identify at least three recommended composition tips. The rule of thirds, symmetry and framing are all present. The lady appears at the third left side of the photograph and even though she might be the main subject, the composition offers the audience an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy what else is in the photograph. The stone walls on both sides of the photograph creates a symmetry which helps to focus on the main subject of the photograph. The door forms a frame around the lady to emphasize her presence. The broken glass in the door is also noticeable because it is almost at the third right of the photograph.  


  1. I like how the glass is broken into a spider web pattern that seems to point towards the lady. I also love her expression - almost as if she's annoyed at the broken glass. I love the texture of the stone that frames the picture and the reflection of the lights in the window.

  2. The symmetrical balance of the photo is broken up by the woman in the chair but then balance is re-achieved by the broken window because our eyes move back between these two elements and tension is created by the women whose legs are wrapped around the chair as though she were almost startled by the broken window.