Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Challenge to the idea of "truth in photography"

 levitating tree street art illusion by daniel siering and mario shu (4)

This photo, although it shows "the truth" - in that it is a photo of what is actually there (a tree with painted foil) is to me a great representation of challenging the idea of "truth in photography". The tree appears to be missing a chunk in the middle, because of how the tree itself was manipulated. So is the photo then showing the truth? Is it showing the illusion which the artists created?

Originally I was going to use a picture I had come across before the semester began. But as I was looking for it again I decided to do more research. I like the way people used to challenge the idea of truth in photography - before digital photography made it relatively easy. The way the environment or the way the photo was taken had to be altered. Or the development process had to be manipulated to create illusions or lies. I also love to manipulate photos on the computer.


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  1. I keep looking at this picture and I still can't figure out how it was done. Awesome