Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Challenging the Idea of Truth and Photography - Justin P.

"The truth claim of photography is the term used by Tom Gunning to describe the prevalent belief that traditional photographs accurately depict reality" 

To challenge the idea of truth, there are many tricks a photographer can use. For example, multiple exposures, the magically program known as photoshop, getting close to a subject to make it appear larger, etc. My favorite is the recently popular levitation which is either done by the use of photoshop and multiple images or freezing action using flash or a fast shutter speed. I chose this image because it is done by my favorite photographer, Tyler Shields. It appears as if the man if flying over to the telephone booth and the woman is flying out of it. We all know that is not possible and that is why this photograph challenges the truth because it does not depict reality accurately.

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